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Mermaid Birthday Party

Come and join our Dedicated Mermaid Instructor in the pool for 75 minutes of swimming to include warm up, swimming and skills test (roughly 15 minutes) before participants are able to use the fins and tails.

Minimum age 6 years, all participants must be Confident independent swimmers.


As we start to swim with our tails and fins we will practice swimming like Mermaids in the water and learn some underwater tricks. Look for seashells too while we practice our flicks.

There will be time for mermaid playtime where we will take some videos of the learnt skills, this will be sent on once edited as part of the package.

A special gift is included for the party host.

Meet a Mermaid

Come and join our mermaid in the pool and have some fun. A 45 minute water based party consisting of swimming for up to 6 non swimmers aged between 3-8. All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the water by parents or guardians.

During your party our dedicated Mermaid will enchant your children with underwater swimming and play experience based water games. Photos can be taken of the magical experience for your little ones to look back and remember the day they swam with a real mermaid.

This is aimed at children aged 3-8 who are not yet strong enough to swim but love the water, although they are not yet strong enough to wear the tails and fins they can still practice their mermaid skills for when they can join us in the Mermaid Life Academy.
Can be a nice way to introduce your child to the water too, in a fun and safe way.

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