Taster Sessions

Aquamen and Mermaids can come along for a trial session lasting 1 hour.

Get a feel of what is like to swim with a mono fin and tail.

These sessions will be based around the Academy lessons where we not only swim but learn to gain strength and control of the mermaid skills with and without the equipment.

Academy Lessons

On these 5 week courses you will learn the skills and techniques needed to swim with the monofin and tail using your core body strength. (note: tails may not be worn every lesson)
The sessions will last 1 hour and I will take participants through skills and body movements through the water in human form as well as in Mermaid Form.

All participants must be 6+ years and able to independently swim 25 meters, be able to swim with a strong body dolphin action and know and be able to demonstrate sculling on fronts and backs.