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Discover how to swim like a mermaid

Be transformed into a fantasy world of mermaids and aquamen, by learning to swim with a mermaid tail.
 Join one of our courses, experience sessions or book a unique party experience for all ages.
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I am a qualified Swimming Teacher and a certified Mermaids UK instructor with 20 years experience of working with people in the water. From those precious 6 week old babies to the those who have always wanted to enjoy swimming, I welcome you all.
I have been a swimmer myself for as long as I can remember and been running Mermaid sessions for 5 years now. I love the look on people's faces when they arrive excited and ready to make their transformation and join the Mermaid Realm.

The confidence that this gives to some people is amazing to watch and to be a part of their journey is an honour to me. 
Swimming is a valuable life skill and can be enjoyed as a family. The Mermaid classes are not restricted to Children, I can also accommodate 'Grown Ups' too.
I am happy to teach anyone that wishes to learn to swim either as Humans or Mermaids. It is a great achievement to learn a new skill and overcome the fears that many associate with water.

The water can have a magical and healing impact on our lives. Its time to lose yourselves under the water as you master the strength and skills to bring out that inner Mermaid.

All sessions currently based in Rugby, Warwickshire. UK

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Taster Sessions



Come and give it a go!

See what it is like to swim in a tail.

1 hour instructed session, equipment provided.

Join our 5 week Academy course to learn how to swim like a mermaid or aquaman using a tail and mono fin

A unquie party experiance to meet a mermaid or learn to swim like a mermaid



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